External Elections Voting Process

  1. Voting period: 24 - 26 August 2022
  2. During this period, Nominees will be voted into the Management Committee by the Club Members in an external election.
  3. Physical voting booth will be set up in school where Club Members can cast their votes.
  4. Online ballots will be used for casting of votes.
  5. Type of Votes:
    1. Vote of Confidence:
      1. Occurs when there are 30 or fewer Candidates to fill the 30 positions available in the NUS Students' Computing Club Management Committee.
      2. Nominees who attain > 50% based on the following calculation For / (For + Against) *100 will be elected into the Management Committee
    2. Contested Vote:
      1. Occurs when there are more than 30 Candidates to fill the 30 positions available on the NUS Students' Computing Club Management Committee.
      2. Nominees will be elected to the Management Committee based on the absolute number of 'For' votes obtained.

Sample eVoting Form

Voting Guidelines

  1. Read Instructions Carefully
  2. Vote For / Against / Abstain for each Candidate
    1. Check any 1 of the 3 boxes
    2. Do note that unchecked boxes will be interpreted as an 'Against' vote for that candidate
  3. Verify if you have voted correctly
    1. A blue dot will appear as per the selection you have made


Last updated as of 10 August, 2022.


Q: What are the items I need to prepare?

Awesome that you're considering joining us! You'll have to submit the nomination forms to [email protected] together with their related material. If there are no issues with the nomination, candidates can start preparing the publicity materials for their campaign.

Q: What's the commitment like?

The amount of commitment varies between every role and also depends on the number of initiatives/events you wish to push out. Contact the respective MC members for a clearer understanding of the commitment level. You can reach us at [email protected]!

Q: What're all the roles in Computing Club?

You can find all the roles and its responsibilities here.

Q: Can I try for multiple roles?

Yes, you can indicate your second choice in the nomination form.

Q: Can I join other CCAs with Computing Club?

Yup, you can be part of multiple CCAs in NUS. However, if you are intending to run for President, you cannot be the President of another CCA. We recommend checking your timetable and calendar to ensure there aren't any other major commitments that may compromise your best work with us!