The Team


The publicity cell consists of three subcommittees, namely, photography, videography and graphic design. However, your responsibilities may vary through your term, and you may be required to rotate around the subcommittees. Fear not if you do not have experience, as we will provide the necessary training, before expecting you to be on the job.

Vision, Goals

We aim to promote the Computing Club’s activities to the best of our abilities, and we hope to create a fun, open learning culture within the cell.
If you are interested in Photography, Videography or Design, look no further! Our sole responsibilities through the year include photography, videography and publicity coverage for events organized by the Computing Club. Some of the events where we are involved are the Freshmen Orientation Projects (FOP), Computing Day and Welfare Day.
By joining us, you would be exposed to various skills in the field of photography, videography, design, and you would also have access to professional-grade equipment and software. You will be given room to flex your creative muscles, and hence connect the student body to the events we, the Computing Club, organize.


You will be providing photo coverage for events throughout the academic year, and be involved in the post-processing of photos! If you have no prior experience, there will be initiatives such as photography workshops to help you get started! Furthermore, there’s no need to splurge on equipment and software, as we will be providing them!
You will be providing video coverage for events throughout the academic year, and be involved in the creative process of staging and sequencing a video. You will also be involved in video editing and production of videos. If you have no prior experience, we will be providing lessons to get you started. Furthermore, there will be no need to have your own equipment or software, as we will be providing them!
Graphic Design
Design graphics for posters, logos, shirts, merchandise etc. or handle the ideation of posts for our social media. These include media for all Computing related events, and special occasions such as Valentines, Halloween and Christmas! No prior experience is needed; there will be initiatives such as workshops to help you get started. Licenses for your Graphic Design needs are also provided!
Our History

Established when NUS School of Computing gained independence as a separate faculty in 1998, the NUS Students’ Computing Club is the official faculty club and sole union representative of all undergraduates in NUS School of Computing. The club has since been taking care of the student life in NUS School of Computing by organising various events and activities to promote campus vibrancy. We safeguard the interest of our undergraduates, ensure their voices are heard, provide welfare, and form the bridge between our students and the school.


NUS Students’ Computing Club serves to continually support our faculty, to build close-knitted relationships among Computing Club members past and present and drive the charge for campus vibrancy.


NUS Students’ Computing Club’s mission is to lead the strive for excellence and to continually advance, for the needs and welfare of our fellow students.