University is not just a place for you to equip yourself with knowledge. It's where you form your best memories and forge friendships that will last the rest of your life – Computing Club certainly gave me both, making it one of my best experiences at SoC! Despite the pandemic, I can confidently say I've had a fulfilling varsity life. From Director of FOP in Year 1 to President in Year 2, I'm glad to have embarked on this journey spanning two terms. As I end my presidency, I have strong faith that the future of the club is in competent hands – those that have what it takes to lead the faculty forward. I encourage you to step up and run for the 25th Management Committee Elections.

Don't wait for change. Be the change.

Raveen Prabhu
24th Management Committee

The annual election marks the exciting end and beginning of a Management Committee. It is my honour and privilege to serve and lead as the Returning Officer of the Elections Committee. This year, the Elections Committee aims to maximise our outreach and involvement from the student body through various modes of publicity efforts. With the pandemic easing up, we are also looking to incorporate the physical elements of the Elections, including polling. Throughout the process, the Elections Committee will strive to uphold the integrity of the election. We encourage all the School of Computing students to cast their votes on election polling day, and play your part in deciding the direction of your Student Life for the next one year. In the coming weeks, we shall look forward to your nominations, votes, and active participation, as we embark on this journey of passing on the torch to the next batch of changemakers.

Kian Lin Tan
Returning Officer | Finance Secretary
24th Management Committee

Elections Committee