SoC Student Award


This is a new initiative to recognise non-academic achievements and contributions of our students. Drawing inspiration from the International Baccalaureate system of Creativity Activity Services, this system hopes to create a similar system to incentivise leadership while providing all-rounded enrichment beyond academics.

Submission of your achievements will also help the school to identify students whom they may nominate for other Awards such as the SCS IT Youth Leader Award, or NUS Student Achievement Awards.


The student award system falls around 4 pillars.

Leadership (L)

Roles or designation that involves leadership within Club or Interest Groups under NUS SoC.

  • Management Committee of NUS Students' Computing Club
  • Core Team members of NUS Hackers
  • Project Director of major events such as GameCraft

Accomplishment (A)

Students who attain a certain level of achievement while representing NUS SoC, NUS, or Singapore in a competition.

  • Winning in Hackathon
  • Getting medal in NUS Inter-Faculty Games

Service (S)

Any experience that involves unpaid voluntary work under the name of NUS SoC that benefits the community in NUS or otherwise.

  • NUS Flag Day
  • Beneficiary Engagement Day
  • NUS SoC Code for Community
  • Community Involvement Programme (CIP)
  • Helpers for FOP, and other similar type events

Involvement (I)

Any involvement in school based events or competitions that required active training or participation.

  • Representing SoC in IFG
  • Orientation Group Leaders for Freshmen Orientation Week
  • House Head for Orientation Camps
  • Committee for Freshmen Orientation Projects

In order to achieve the SoC Student Awards students have to achieve points in the various Pillars and attendance in Enrichment Programmes.


Submit your application here.

The system is currently unable to accept document uploads, so please send your supporting documents to the school via email to [email protected]. Include your names in the file names and state "SoC Student Award" in the subject title.

The application period for each cycle is 1 August to 31 July in the following year.