Overseas Opportunities

NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC)

NUS Overseas College is a 6-month or 1-year programme where you intern at an overseas/local company and take entrepreneurship modules at the same time. The selection process consist of 3 rounds of interview, but you may proceed straight to the second round if you completed at least a Project Gemini for Orbital (Year 1 summer project, information will be make known to you in due time). While a good CAP will be beneficial, it does not play as heavy a weightage as your interview or portfolio.

Find out more about NUS Overseas Colleges here.

Student Exchange Programmes (SEP)

Student Exchange Programme is a programme where instead of studying in NUS, you study in another overseas/local partner University for 1 Semester. If you are able to map the modules you took in the partner University, it will be considered as you have fulfilled the module that you mapped onto. If you are planning to go for SEP, it might be good to plan which modules are easily mapped and refrain from taking them in NUS. Modules taken and mapped will only be graded on a pass-fail basis and will not affect your CAP. You may find out all available pre-approved modules here.

In the SEP selection process, your CAP plays a vital role. So, if you’re aiming to go SEP through computing, it will be good to strive for a good CAP. That said, with the newly implemented SoC Student Award System (last tab of guides), participating in various other student life events also entitles you to different tiers of this award, which in turns boosts your SEP chances. You will be informed through email when calls for application for SEP starts.

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Summer and Winter Programmes

Summer and Winter Programme consists of taking additional classes and modules during your summer or winter holidays. It is a good opportunity for clearing additional modules.

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