Freshmen Orientation Week
July 21, 2021 - July 24, 2021

Hello Freshmen of Computing!

In the near future of Kafkaesque reality, BigTech, a coalition of the most powerful technology companies worldwide, is facing a problem - the lack of innovation and the rising mortality rate is causing diseases among the intellectual elite. There's only one way to save BigTech – a challenge only the bravest can pass. Designation? Incipio. Be warned, for secrets will be unfurled as you progress through Incipio.

Will you chance upon a shocking revelation that'll change the tide of this war?

Come join us in the LITTEST camp of SOC!!!
Travel across and outside NUS as you journey to save BigTech!
Take part in activities while making new friends!
At the end of the camp, friendships are forged not only within the orientation groups and house but also beyond!
What are you waiting for? Join us now!

Brought to you by:
Chua Yuen Zheng, Roy
Project Director
Abhishek Jain
Vice Project Director (Operations)
Kaushik Rangaraj
Vice Project Director (Admin)
Chiu Xi, Brandon
Head of Manpower & Finance
Michelle Adeline
Manpower Member
Nobel Ang
Manpower Member
Phua Guan Wei
Manpower Member
Chu Jia Ming
Publicity Member
Lee Jing Yu, Jonathan
Publicity Member
Ren Weilin
Publicity Member
Rishabh Anand
Head of Programmes
Brendan Lim Yuen Chong
Programmes Member
Bryan Ong Wei Xin
Programmes Member
Chan Tse Ee
Programmes Member
Chua Sue-Ann
Programmes Member
Dao Minh Hai
Programmes Member
Kok Yu Xian
Programmes Member
Lim Zhe Kai
Programmes Member
Loh Wen Xin
Programmes Member
Megan Wee Rui En
Programmes Member
Ng Wen Hao Dennis
Programmes Member
Xiang Qingyi
Programmes Member
Xiong Jingya
Head of Logistics
Koh Tze Kang
Logistics Member
Madhan Selvapandian
Logistics Member
Sophie Ng Bei En
Logistics Member
Our History

Established when NUS School of Computing gained independence as a separate faculty in 1998, the NUS Students’ Computing Club is the official faculty club and sole union representative of all undergraduates in NUS School of Computing. The club has since been taking care of the student life in NUS School of Computing by organising various events and activities to promote campus vibrancy. We safeguard the interest of our undergraduates, ensure their voices are heard, provide welfare, and form the bridge between our students and the school.


NUS Students’ Computing Club serves to continually support our faculty, to build close-knitted relationships among Computing Club members past and present and drive the charge for campus vibrancy.


NUS Students’ Computing Club’s mission is to lead the strive for excellence and to continually advance, for the needs and welfare of our fellow students.