Ad Meliora

July 15, 2021 - July 16, 2021

Wondering what is the best way to make friends in school? How about plan a heist with them?

Join us this summer for our E-Freshman Orientation Programme as we place you in your very own rag-tag team of freshies Overcome obstacles to obtain the prized possession of NUS’s very own SOC. Led by your very own ‘professor’, get ready to work your brains as you work together to break in. However, the real question is if you can get out....

Brought to you by:
Ng Zi Xuan
Project Director
Lee Yi Kai
Vice Project Director
Aakansha Narain
Pro-Logs Head
Chia Wen Ling
Pro-Logs Member
Koh Rui Ling
Pro-Logs Member
Le Ngoc Quynh Mai
Pro-Logs Member
Tiew Wei Jian
Pro-Logs Member
Yap Teng Chiong
Pro-Logs Member
Bryan Tee Pak Hong
Admin Head
Lim Fang Ding
Admin Member
Tan Yan Rong Amelia
Admin Member
Koh Jia Xian
Publicity Head
Our History

Established when NUS School of Computing gained independence as a separate faculty in 1998, the NUS Students’ Computing Club is the official faculty club and sole union representative of all undergraduates in NUS School of Computing. The club has since been taking care of the student life in NUS School of Computing by organising various events and activities to promote campus vibrancy. We safeguard the interest of our undergraduates, ensure their voices are heard, provide welfare, and form the bridge between our students and the school.


NUS Students’ Computing Club serves to continually support our faculty, to build close-knitted relationships among Computing Club members past and present and drive the charge for campus vibrancy.


NUS Students’ Computing Club’s mission is to lead the strive for excellence and to continually advance, for the needs and welfare of our fellow students.