This webpage is frequently updated. We urge all freshmen to check back regularly for new information, especially on everchanging COVID-19 guidelines.

Welcome 🎉💻

We're super ecstatic to have you join us this fall at NUS School of Computing. On behalf of the many organising committees of the Freshmen Orientation Program (FOP) 2022, we extend a warm welcome!

Here's what we're looking at:

Our Events

Freshmen Social Camp (FSC)

A 4-day physical orientation camp organized for the freshmen to form lasting friendships with fellow undergraduates before the official start of university.

Registration has closed!

e-Freshmen Orientation Program (e-FOP)

A 2-day online orientation camp organized for freshmen who are unable to join us physically. Time will also be allotted for information sessions.

Registration has closed!


SOC's own spin on NUS's flagship charity drive. Owing to COVID-19 concerns, this event only entails the cohesion day without an engagement camp or live performances.

Registration has closed!

Freshmen Orientation Week (FOW)

A 4-day physical orientation camp where seniors help freshmen adapt to different aspects of university life, through preparatory talks and meeting new friends.

Registration has closed!


A social night event where freshmen and seniors come together to wrap up the entire orientation experience with a night of performances and games.

Registration will begin soon!

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