It’s the season of love again! Share your love with the SoC family by celebrating the special occasion with us on 14th Feb from 12PM-6PM outside SR1. It’ll be fun, we promise!

(7-13 Feb): Hashtag #soclovesnaps on Instagram between 7-13 Feb and collect prints @ photobooth on 14th Feb during the event. Recommended caption length of 100 characters. INSTANT-printing

(14 Feb): Simply write an appreciation message on the Post-It Backdrop and hashtag #soclovesnaps on Instagram to collect prints instantly @ photobooth. Recommended caption length of 100 characters.

12PM ~ 2PM: FREE LIVE PRINTING ON POSTCARDS: PRE-printing available 2PM ~ 6PM: FREE ROSE COLLECTION (MINI PHOTOMARATHON): Complete 2 out of 3 to receive a free rose:

  1. Take a picture with someone of opposite sex and upload on Instagram with caption: “Roses are red, violets are blue, ____________, _________” Hashtag #soclovesnaps.
  2. Take a picture with an international student
  3. Strike a heart-shape pose CONCURRENTLY THROUGHOUT

12PM ~ 6PM: Shirt Sales: A merchandise booth will be set up outside SR-1.

Items sold include shirts, SoCCat nanoblock and stickers. DIY Candy Corner: For a price of $4, purchase a glass jar at the DIY Candy Corner, where you’ll be able to fill up the jar with any candy till it?s full! Mystery Reservation Service: Leave your recipient’s name & contact number and any note you would like to attach with us. We will place the item in the clubroom, and it can be collected by the recipient from 12pm - 6pm on the day itself.