About Us

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The NUS Students’ Computing Club, commonly known as CompClub, is a constituent club under NUS Students' Union (NUSSU). It represents all the undergraduates in NUS School of Computing and works together with different organizations to cater to the members' different needs and wants. CompClub strives to be the bridge between its members and the staff in the School of Computing, facilitating new initiatives by the school and channeling the feedback from its members to the right office.

Members can share their feedback to us by sending it to connect@nuscomputing.com or message us at our Facebook page (fb.com/nuscomputing).

Throughout a typical academic year, CompClub organizes various events for its members. There are camps specially designed to assist the incoming freshmen, collaborations with the professors to provide addtional assistance to the weaker students, parties for our members who are graduating and many more events! Browse through the website for more information regarding our events and initiatives :)

19th Management Committee

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